Monday, December 10, 2012


2001 Porcelain Vase, 15" long pulled handles.
Wheel thrown., attached leaves and seeds.
Art Nouveau gone wild!

2002:  Porcelain pitcher
Pulled handle, carved, sculpted leaves and seeds, wheel thrown.

2001 Porcelain vase cast from a cute little gourd I found at
the farmer's market, carved, attached curly handle.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


1997 Porcelain Jar,  Deer's head, beaded chevrons.

1996 Porcelain,  womb form, rams' heads

 1996 Porcelain, Womb opening into wings.

1996 Porcelain nippled ewer

1996: Porcelain Ship of Renewel
An ancient symbol carrying life from dormant life in the spring. 

Close up of a version of a ship of renewal

1996: Porcelain womb with wings of
transformation. This was a new direction
in which I studied and began sculpting
 ancient European spiritual symbols
 from 5000 BC and before that honor
 the life giving aspects of the feminine.

1996 Porcelain vase:  Seed pod collection

1996: Porcelain vase with sculpted toads and minnows!

1994 Porcelain carved and cast egg lantern

 1994 Porcelain cast egg lantern, airbrushed velvet glaze.

1992: velvet stained porcelain bowl...I learned to airbrush!

 1991 Porcelain Jardinaire
Two piece stylized art nouveau form.


1989: Porcelain vase with draping fushia

1987: Porcelain vase
Around 1985 I switched from stoneware clay to porcelain.
This opened the way for brighter colors and a lighter feel.
We were all tired of muddy colors!

1980: Stoneware lidded lantern, carved all
the way around, the slip is brushed under
the sprayed glaze.


1979:  Stoneware vase, carved, incised, brushed
slips, spray glazed.

1977 Stoneware planter with Art Deco stylized design.

1977: Stoneware Vase, art nouveau stylized
flowers, carving out the negative space between
the incised lines.
In the Haan Mansion Museum collection.

 1977 Stoneware lantern, art nouveau stylized flowers

1977: Stoneware planter...
It won a prize at the Anderson Art Center.

1975: Stoneware vase
A new direction after a six week tutorial with James Sanders
in Marshall, TX where I learned to incise with a knife, carve
with an exacto knife, paint with underglaze, and spray glaze.
In the Haan Mansion Museum Collection.

 1975 Stoneware planter, slip underglaze, sprayed overglaze.

 1973 Stoneware hanging planter.
Macrame with wheel thrown beads.
It was all the rage!

 1973 Stoneware pitcher, creamer, and sugar bowl.
Dipped glazes that overlap.
A gift for my mother.

1972:   A vase and cup from a firing at the end of 2nd semester.

 1971:  My first thrown, fired and glazed vase from 1st semester
in Ceramics 101, during my senior year at
Anderson College, Anderson, IN
(My Mother saved it!)